Weightlifting program week 5

This will begin week 5 of the weightlifting program. We will begin narrowing our scope of exercises and increasing intensity of training.



Snatch 90% x1, 2x2 85%

Snatch pull 3x2-3 100-110%

Overhead squat 3 rep max, -5-10kg 2x3

Snatch grip push press 3x5 heavy

Hyperextension 3x10 with 3 sec pause with weight behind head

Leg raise 3x20-30


Back squat 5 rep max, -5-10kg 2x5

Back squat dips 3x3 110-130%

Back squat with 3 sec pause at bottom 3x3 50% (speed out of hole)

Power clean and jerk 3x2-3+1 80%

RDL 4X8 moderate


Jerk off block 3 rep max, -5-10kg 3x3

Jerk drives 3x3 110-130%(% of jerk)

Jerk off block 3x2 70% (for speed)

Bent over row 4x8

Overhead tricep extension 3x15

Barbell curls 3x10




Clean and jerk 90% x1, 2x2+1 85% (% of clean and jerk)

Clean pull 3x3 105-115%

Clean grip overhead squat 3x5 30-50% (% of clean)

Push press 3x5 heavy

Goodmorning 3x10

Behind the neck snatch grip pullup 3x5-15

V-up 3x20-30


Front squat 3 rep max, -5-10kg 2x5

Front squat dips 3x3 110-130%

Front squat with 3 sec pause at bottom 3x3 50% (speed out of hole)

Power snatch 3x2-3+1 80%

Snatch grip RDL 4X8 moderate



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