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Weightlifting Program

If you are interested in weightlifting, I will be publishing a weekly program for the purpose of increasing the one rep maximum in the snatch and clean and jerk.



Hang snatch from shin + overhead squat 5x2+2 70-80% (% of snatch)

Snatch pull from platform with 3 sec pause at the shin 5x3 80-90%

Snatch grip deadlift 3x5 80-85% (% of snatch deadlift)

Front squat 3x3 80-90%

Bench press 3x10-15 moderate

Abs self training


Back squat 5x7 70-80%

Close stance squat 3x10 50% (heels together)

Back squat dips 3x3 110-130%

Power clean and jerk off block 3x3+1 80%

Good morning 3x10

Abs self training


Jerk off rack 5x2-3 80-85% (% of jerk)

Power snatch 5x2-3 80-90%

Power clean 3x2-3 80-85%

Rdl+pull 5x2+1 80% (% of clean)

Abs self training




Hang clean from shin + front squat+jerk 5x2+2+1 70-80% (% of clean)

Clean pull from platform with 3 sec pause at the shin 5x3 80-90%

Clean deadlift 3x3-5 80-85% (% of clean deadlift)

Back squat 3x3 80-90%

Dips 3x10-15 moderate

Abs self training


Front squat into push press (thruster) 3x5 light to moderate

Front squat 5x5 70-80%

Power snatch off block 3x3 80-85%

Snatch pull off block 5x3 110-120%

Military press 3x5 heavy

Good morning 3x6

Abs self training



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