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The Law of Human Nature by Roy Squyres

It is amazing that a child has to be instructed and taught to be good. For we are all born with a nature that is self destructive and knows being bad. So how is our nature changed to know what is good and right in our choices in life? How is bad nature changed into good choices?

To start with, a child needs to learn that their current choices are wrong, self destructive, and may cause painful consequences. Every child needs a good coach, one that is proven in good character that can guide, encourage, and instruct that child to choose good over what is not.

A child left to himself will naturally choose bad habits. That is his or her born nature and spirit. By repeating bad habits, they give birth to even worse habits that bring about an inward disposition of worse natures of bad. This worse position breeds bad will in their actions toward themselves, their outlook toward life and others.

Therefore, actions produce habits. Habits breed dispositions which will give birth to one’s character-what one is living in actions- THE WILL TO DO GOOD, TRUE CHARACTER. You, Coach, are the one to help others by your training, instructing, and encouraging in creative and planned new actions (practice) that breed new habits of good. The new habits create a good disposition and outlook that brings into being a brand new will to do good.

Practice. Practice. Practice! For what we practice, we become in our action. This is what we all need, a true character coach, who lives what he instructs. It matters not whether one is a renown star or just an every day person. We all need to grow in character. So put your heart in this even more and know each individual is unique and needs your encouraging coaching- no matter billionaire or common individual.

You are God’s helper in building good character. Practice. Practice. Practice! Practice makes perfect actions.

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