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Week of 12/8 weightlifting program week 2


Hang clean + press from the knee 3x5+1 60-70%

Bench press 3x10-15 Kettlebell swing 3x25 Sit-ups 3x25-30 Tuesday Back squat close stance 3x20 60%

Lunges with dumbbell 3x10 each Box jumps 5x3 Good morning 4x8 Wednesday Sprints 5x20yards Push-up 3x to failure Pull-up 3x to failure Leg raise 3x20-30 Friday Hang snatch from knee 3x5 70% Arnold press 3x10 Med ball overhead toss 5x3 Hyper 3x15 Saturday Thruster 3x10 light Step up with Barbell 3x10 each Broad jump 5x3 Planks 3x1-2 minutes

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