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Week of 7/7 weightlifting program week 6

Monday Muscle snatch w/contact 3x3 moderate Snatch 5 rep max, -5-10kg 2x5 Snatch pull 3x3 100% Overhead squat 3 rep max, -5-10kg 2x3 Good morning 3x10 Tuesday Back squat 5x5 75-80% Squat dips 3x3 100% Lunges 3x10 each leg RDL 3x6 heavy Sit-ups 3x20-30 Wednesday Jerk 3x3 80%

Jerk Drive 3x3 100-120% Bench press 3x3 heavy Behind the neck snatch grip Pull-ups 3x AMRAP Dumbbell Row 3x10 Leg raise 3x10-20 Thursday Rest Friday Muscle snatch no contact 3x3 moderate 

Clean 5x2 80% Clean deadlift 3x3 110% (% of Clean)

Clean pull 3x3 90%  Military Press 4x8 Seated Good morning 3x8

Saturday Thruster 3x5 moderate

Front squat 5x3 75-80% Front Squat dips 3x3 100-120%

Snatch gripRDL 3x6 Dips 3x10 Leg raise 3x20-30 Sunday Rest

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