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Week of 4/14 weightlifting program week 6


Snatch 3 second pause from shin 5x3 80% Snatch pull 5x3 100% Overhead squat 5 rep max  Hyperextension 3x10 with weight Tuesday Back squat 5x5 82-87% Back squat dips 3x5 110-130% Barbell stepups 4x8 each leg RDL 5X3 Wednesday Jerk 5x2-3 80-85% Jerk drives 3x3 110-130% Dips 4x8 with weight if possible Lateral raise 3X15 Overhead tricep extension 3x10 Situp 3x35 Thursday Rest Friday Clean 3 second pause from shin 5x2 80-85%

Clean pull 3x3 100%

Front squat 3x3 3 second pause at bottom 70-80% Hyperextension 4x8 with weight Saturday Front squat 5x2-3 85-90% Front squat dips 3x5 110-130% Barbell lunges 4x8 each leg Snatch rdl 5x3 Sunday Rest    

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