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Week of 2/24 weightlifting program week 11

Monday Power Snatch max, -5-10kg 2x2 Power clean and jerk max, 5-10kg 2x2 Snatch pull 3x3 100-105% Hyperextension 3x10 with weight 3 second pause at top Tuesday Back squat 90% 3x1 Dips 3x3 110-130% Rdl 4x5 Bent over row 3x10 Wednesday Snatch 85% 3x1-2 Clean and jerk 80% 2x1-2 Overhead tricep extension 3x10-15 Dips 3x5 with weight Sit-up 3x20-30 Thursday Rest Friday Snatch 2 rep max Clean and jerk 2 rep max (1 jerk) Clean pull 3x3 100% Good morning 3x10 Saturday Front squat 3x2 85-90% Front squat Dips 3x3 110-130% Snatch grip rdl 3x5 Unsupported dumbbell row 3x10-15 Sunday Rest      

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