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Week of 12/16 weightlifting program week 3


Snatch deadlift + snatch off platform 5x2+2 70-75% Snatch pull off platform 5x3 90% Overhead squat 3x10 moderate weight Bench press 4x10 Hyperextension 3x15 with weight Tuesday Back squat 5x12 60-70%, bdwt. amrap Dips 5x5 110-130% Rdl 4x12 moderate Bent over row 5x10 Wednesday Jerks off block 3 second pause in squat, 3 second pause in catch 5x3 60-70% Jerk Drives 5x5 110-120% Overhead tricep extension 3x15 Dips 3x10-15 Sit-up 3x20-30 Thursday Rest Friday Monday Clean deadlift + clean off platform 5x2+2 70-75% Clean pull off platform 5x3 90% Clean grip overhead squat 3x10 moderate weight Military press 4x10 Good morning 3x15 Saturday Front squat 5x8 60-70%, 50% amrap Front squat Dips 5x7 110-130% Snatch grip rdl 4x12 moderate Unsupported dumbbell row 5x10 Sunday Rest

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