Week of 12/2 weightlifting program week 1

This will  be a transition week. We will perform lots of non traditional movements for psychological and physiological refreshment.


Hang Snatch from shin 3 second descent 5x5 60-70%

Dumbbell stepups 3x10 each leg

Dumbbell Bench Press 3x15

Box jumps 5x3


Close stance back squat heels touching 3x10 60%

Dumbbell single leg RDL 3x10 each leg

Barbell Curls 3x15

Med Ball toss overhead 5x3


Clean grip snatch 5x3 50%

Mixed grip deadlift 4x10 70% 

Barbell Overhead triceps extension 3x20

Depth jump 5x3




Hang Clean from shin 3 second descent 5x5 60-70% Dumbbell lunges 3x10 each leg Dumbbell Military Press 3x15 Pull-ups 5x5-15 


Front squat 4x8 60-70%

RDL 3x15 light

Dumbbell curl 3x15

1 mile run

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