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Week of 11/25 weightlifting program week 12 (TESTING CLASSIC LIFTS)


Snatch 85 % 3x1 Clean and jerk 2x1 85% Snatch pull 3x1 90% no straps Over head squat 3x2 moderate Behind the neck snatch grip pullup 3x5 Hyperextension 3x10 Tuesday Back squat 2x2 90% Back squat dips 3x3 100% RDL 3x3 moderate Leg raise 3x15 Wednesday Power snatch 90% 2x1 Power clean and jerk 85% 2x1 Clean pull 3x1 80% no straps Seated good morning 3x6 Thursday rest Friday Snatch max Clean and jerk max Snatch pull 3x3 105-110% Push Press 3x3 moderate Hyperextension 3x6 3 second pause with weight Saturday Front squat 3x2 90% Front squat dips 3x3 100% Rounded back deadlift 3x5 Behind the neck snatch grip pull-ups 3x5-10 Leg raise 3x10-20 Sunday rest

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