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Week of 10/28/18 weightlifting program week 8

Monday Snatch 3 rep max, -5-10kg 2x3 try to add at least 1kg from last week  Snatch pull 4x3 105-110% Overhead squat max, -5-10kg 2x2 try to add 1kg from last week Behind the neck snatch grip pullup 3x5-15 Hyperextension 3x10 with weight add weight from last week Tuesday Back squat 5 rep max, -5-10kg 2x5 add weight from last week Back squat dips 3x3 100% RDL 3x3  Bench press 2x2 Situp 3x20-30 Wednesday Jerk 3 rep max% Jerk drives 3x3 100% Jerk recovery 3x3 100% Power clean from block + front squat 5x2+2 85-90% Seated good morning 3x10 Thursday rest Friday Clean and jerk 3 rep max (1 jerk)% Clean pull 3x3 105-110% Clean grip overhead squat max, -5-10kg 2x2 add weight from last week Overhead tricep extension 3x10 Hyperextension 3x8 3 second pause with weight Saturday Front squat 3 rep max, -5-10kg 2x3 add weight from last week Front squat dips 3x3 100% Rounded back deadlift 3x5 Military press 2 rep max, -5-10kg 2x2 add weight from last week Leg raise 3x10-20 Sunday rest

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