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Natatia Van Ellison

High School Teacher - Savannah, GA

After I committed to a healthy lifestyle which included clean eating and exercising, I obtained personal training services from several trainers.  I can honestly say that, “Josh is the best in the business!”  Josh has a special gift as a trainer.  He makes you feel at ease at the gym.  But he pushes you to your greatest limit and gives you the confidence to do anything you desire in the gym.  As a 40+ year old woman, Josh pushed me to my highest limits.  Ultimately, he showed me that I was strong and had a passion for fitness!  I love it!  Although I am a high school teacher,  Josh was my coach in the gym.  Finally, he would show genuine concern in my diet.  He would always support me after a workout with his famous high five.  Although I have had other trainers since Josh, I continue to utilize EVERYTHING he taught me during the 2 years that he trained me prior to his moving to Los Angeles.  In fact, I can train myself now with what I have learned from him. You are one-of-a-kind, Coach Josh!!

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