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When I joined Golds Gym in Venice, I had a very unhealthy lifestyle, none of the exercise programs designed to make you thinner or look better had ever stuck, and I needed a change. That change came in the form of Powerlifting - and Josh Squyres not only helped me to gain physical strength, but also emotional strength and confidence. He didn't give me a pre-formulated workout, and he didn't try to push a style of fitness and eating habits on me that didn't match my wants and my needs. We worked together to find workouts that I thought were fun, rewarding, and got me the results I wanted. Now, almost one year later, I am a national powerlifting record holder, and I look and feel the best I ever have. He also helped encourage me to eat healthier, fuller meals, so that I felt stronger and more energized throughout the day. I could not have made this amazing change in my life if it weren't for the support of Josh Squyres and the amazing community of Golds Gym Venice!

Linnea Harrison

National Powerlifting Record Holder

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