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I had been a student of Josh's for quite some time in Venice Barbell Club & was eager for the chance to get some more time with Josh in a smaller setting to learn more about the sport of Olympic weightlifting, the various approaches to Olympic weightlifting, to hear about his vast experience in the sport & also learn what he took away from his then-recent weightlifting trip to China. What I took away from his PCF University class was just that. And exactly what I wanted. Josh isn't one to talk or boast about himself, so it was great to really learn the extent of his expertise & to learn why he prefers certain techniques over others. He taught a lot of drills to hone in on our basic skills & provided individualized attention to each participant. I would definitely recommend any of Josh's weightlifting PCF University classes to anyone trying to improve their skill, technique & performance in either the Olympic weightlifting or Crossfit arena.

Lindsay Suddell

Weightlifter, Crossfit Athlete

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