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Karly Deer

UC San Diego Women's Volleyball

"I signed up for Gold's Gym expecting the best, and that's exactly what I got, thanks to Josh. I'm on the UC San Diego Women's Volleyball team, and as a collegiate athlete I wanted someone who would push me to my limits-- and Josh did just that. Not only was his experience in physical training apparent, Josh immediately knew what was necessary to improve my physical performance as a volleyball player. His focus on skill and quality for strength training, as opposed to improper methods, was made obvious soon after training with him. Although Josh has experience with athletes, he can work successfully with any type of client. He knows what you want, and he will get you there. Josh requires 100% effort and focus. If I wasn't prepared to offer that to Josh on a given day, it would be apparent with my performance. Yet,this intensity brings results. And that is exactly what I saw. After being able to work with Josh, I have realised the true physical and mental strength I possess. Before working with him, I would have doubted the progress I've made. This strength that I've seen emerge has come from the ability to trust completely in him. And that is what I think is most vital in finding the right trainer. I trusted and knew he had my best interests in mind, and I trusted he knew what were my physical and mental limits. With that said, I was able to fully buy into him. Josh has a gift of making working out enjoyable. That doesn't mean it was always going to be easy, because it wasn't, but it meant that I was truly satisfied with all that I had done that day. I was satisfied with the work and progress I made because of Josh and his dedication to increasing my performance. I had trouble writing this testimonial because I wanted to truly express how pleased I have been with Josh, and it’s hard to write that satisfaction down into words. If you want results, Josh is the one to go to. He won't let you down. He has passion, a gift with working with people, and he encourages, inspires, and helps you to reach your goals."

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