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Every girl dreams about her wedding day.  When I became engaged and my wedding day was going to become a reality, I knew I wanted to get in the best shape of my life.  I wanted to look and feel my best for my special day.  I decided to work with Josh, follow his guide and program, and hope for big results.  Boy, I was not let down!  Josh truly did listen to me and my desires for how I wanted to look.  He used his broad knowledge of weightlifting and my personal goals to form a program designed especially for me.  He, very patiently, instructed me on the correct technique of lifts and was a steadfast encouragement when I did not want to perform.  His keen awareness and desire for perfection motivated me to work my hardest and not let him down.  Quickly, I saw results and it felt great!  Not only was I loving the muscle definition I was seeing, but I felt incredible and had tons of energy.  I actually started craving going to the gym, which was a huge change from how I use to work out.  I learned from Josh that fitness is a way of life, a day by day choice we make to have that self-control, skip that dessert, and walk an extra ten minutes on the treadmill.  Training with him was wonderful preparation for my wedding day.  I felt amazing and my confidence soared, all because of my personal coach, Josh Squyres.

Frances Squyres

Bride & Nurse

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