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For athletes, good coaching is very important.  I experienced this need first hand as a college lacrosse player.  Being watched carefully and pushed to your limit were trademarks I looked for in coaches that I admired.  Since beginning training with Josh Squyres several years ago, I have found that he posesses these characteristics of an excellent coach.  Always looking for a new angle to push me, Josh takes me to places that I don't always enjoy going to physically.  However, I know they make me the best I can be.  Now that I am making my mark in the business world, Josh's training sessions keep me strong, lean, and motivated to perform my best for my customers.  I am very busy and Josh always curtails my training according to my schedule and time needs.  I have found that if I can make it through one of Josh's tough workouts, I can make it through anything!  I unequivocably endorse Josh "The Coach" Squyres.

Brendan Sindell

UC Santa Barbara Men's Lacrosse

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