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To all my peeps, this one is coming from deep in my heart. It is no secret that I am on a fitness journey to regain my life. Josh isn’t like any other trainer I have ever met. He went above and beyond. He dealt with special issues I had, but the most remarkable thing Josh did for me, is he taught me how to believe in myself. I will never forget the day Josh invited me to my first BOOT CAMP. That was a huge deal. I never thought a fat girl could finish a Boot Camp but under Josh’s direction, I succeeded. You can’t put a price on that. Better then setting me up on certain training programs and diets, Josh taught me things I never had been able to do before like Finish Strong! And when you actually do your very best, it is good enough.  


I have some news I want to share. I smashed through that milestone and weigh what I did 20 years ago. I weighed myself twice, I screamed, I did an abbreviated version of my happy dance and then I stopped. I have lost a 110 lbs so far and the next time you hear from me, I will be happy with the way I feel and the way I look, probably in about 45 pounds. Thank you all for your support it has been what has kept me going.

Alison Beltran

Lost 100+ Pounds

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