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Dear Howard Skora, senior fitness manager,


I felt it was important to write a letter expressing my excellent experience hiring Gold’s trainer, Josh Squyres, when I first joined the gym in Venice, CA.


As most people I have spoken to, initially, when you walk into the Venice location, the place can be easily intimidating, particularly for women due to the masculine reputation of the gym.   Luckily, when I initially joined, I expressed interest in working for a few months with a personal trainer.  My objectives were twofold:  first, get comfortable with the various pieces of equipment in the gym, and of course, to get toned.  Luckily, I was given the opportunity to work with Josh Squyres, who I found to be an excellent trainer.   Not only was he able to help me achieve my various objectives, but more importantly, I found that he had many personal and professional skill sets that far exceeded my expectations.



While working with Josh, I was surprised to learn of Josh’s extensive background: working as a personal trainer for almost 10 years as well as coaching collegiate strength & conditioning. Every week we had a specific plan and Josh came prepared with various exercises based on my objectives.  Additionally, he had other personal skill sets that made him a great trainer.  Specifically, I observed he had exceptional listening skills and was able to effectively communicate my questions, and concerns.  Finally, I noticed not only did he show good ability to build a relationship with me, but others around him.  Overall, I believe that Josh is an unbelievable asset to your organization and would recommend him to anyone who wants not only great trainer, but an overall great person.






Rita Lulla